5 comments on “Creating a Solar System: Part One – A star

  1. I must admit i have never considered giving any of my worlds a different kind of star. An oversight? Maybe, but perhaps it’s because i generally don’t write Sci-fi on a large scale. I must say i like Spectral Class O – The idea of a Blue sun is very cool.


    • It’s definitely a lot of fun since how the sun looks in the atmosphere will differ based on its spectral class. Class O is the hottest stars out there, so your planet would be a bit farther out than Earth is to our sun in order to be habitable. So the sun may seem smaller in the sky, but it definitely won’t look yellow or orange to the people on the planet. I wonder what sorts of myths could evolve from that?

      I tend to cater to the F through O classes myself to be honest.

      I’m preparing a part two that focuses on the planet itself, which should be interesting hopefully. (I’m trying to write this without much math, which is a bit hard at times since I come at it from a more mathematical view.)


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