One comment on “An Intention to Explore Ideas and Beliefs

  1. Yes, at my age I can remember many trends in journalism. We grew up with the idea that news stories were to answer the who, what, when, how, and possibly why questions. Later our age group realized that many facts were left out. Examples: the true race conditions in the south; the true racial profiling and job differences of the north. Etc. Etc. Now days there is too much gossip and innuendo given as fact. Yet, is there a nugget of truth within that gossip? W/o knows? I have learned to take many media reports with suspicion. There are so many mysteries of science, human behavior (and causes of such). This I do know: the media shows much ignorance on mental illness and mental health and what effects and causes it. The media continually show its ignorance and bias on that subject.

    Incidentally, as always your blog was very well written.



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