Return from the Abyss

I have returned from vacation only to fall ill with a fairly serious virus that left me bedridden for several days. Because of this, I haven’t been able to update this blog at all. However, I hope to rectify this today, now that I feel well enough to go back to my studies! My adventures… Continue reading Return from the Abyss


Here, where I live, the Holidays are finally drawing to a close. My Internet access has been chaotic, and I fear it will be even more chaotic as the beginning of January approaches. For a week and a half in January, I’ll be on vacation, thanks to the generosity of the friend who invited me.… Continue reading Holidays

Time to Communicate

Sometimes, when I’m in need of inspiration or just deep thoughts in general, I go to Writing Excuses. Today I focused on their world-building podcasts, and this one in particular caught my attention: Writing Excuses 6.13: World Building Communications Technology. One of the main points of this particular podcast was how the technological advances was… Continue reading Time to Communicate


A few days ago, I received this award from a writing friend.  I’m surprised and  honored that he thought of me, and so I’ll play the game.  However, since it seems a bit like the blogger’s version of a chain letter, the blogs that I link in the final two rules will be a comprehensive… Continue reading Versatile

Procrastination and Writing

It is an art we all perfect.  We wander through blogs, reading various posts, and then jump to facebook to poke our friends.  Sometimes we peruse forums and post in threads, only to end up chatting with friends. Then, finally, we decide it is time. To end the procrastination and start writing. Do you ever… Continue reading Procrastination and Writing

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Connections and Patterns

As I studied for my finals today, I started to wonder about my creative process when it came to composing music and writing novels/stories. When I sit down to compose, I start with an idea. For example, in my Particles piece, I focused on the idea of representing quantum mechanics in music. With this idea… Continue reading Connections and Patterns

The essence of writing

Now that I’ve introduced myself, I’ll get down to business. This blog is my writing blog, the blog where I’ll capture the highs and the lows of my writing, thoughts on writing, and thoughts on any research I do for writing. For today, however, I would like to quote one of my favorite books about… Continue reading The essence of writing

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Introducing the Author

Come, friend, sit down at the fire with me. Let us drink tea and talk. Oh, you wish for an introduction? Let me see.  The road I walk is rarely traveled, yet it takes me through groves of trees, over wind-swept seas, across searing deserts, to the highland steppes, and there at the peak of… Continue reading Introducing the Author

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