Worldbuild: Cities

In a society, people tend to gather in communities, and over time these communities can expand and grow, developing into cities. Thus, when world-building, cities can prove to be intensely beneficial to your stories. Taking the time to develop them can help you better understand the setting of your story and how your characters may… Continue reading Worldbuild: Cities

Three Fingers

I hold up three fingers in the silence between us. Her brown eyes meet mine, shining with tears. “I am sorry,” she says, even though there is no need for it. She has done nothing wrong, yet that is often the only words people are able to say once they learn my history. The scars… Continue reading Three Fingers

Tops posts for the week

It’s interesting to look and see the top posts for this past week. I’ve had a lot of people exploring my World-building posts, which is good. The template I created has also gotten a lot of interest, and I’m hoping I’ll get feedback on it soon so I can find ways to improve it. It’s… Continue reading Tops posts for the week


I have had some painful things happen suddenly, and am working toward settling my life back together. This blog is on hiatus until I’m feeling well enough to post again. Expect me to return to the world-building and Let Us Go Write! series that I’ve been doing. I have some ideas for it, but just… Continue reading Update

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I suspect that I have lost readers with my stance in my previous blog post. I cannot stand silent when there are people being harassed, abused, threatened, and/or oppressed in any manner. I will take a stand against it, and I will do my best to provide evidence that showcases what happened and why I… Continue reading Reflection

Stand against Harassment and Abuse and Death Threats Please

(#)gamergate is a war on women. The culture of gaming is often saturated with misogyny to a terrifying degree, and gamergate has unveiled it for all to see. This should terrify people, and yet there are people out there that will dismiss the harassment and death threats leveled at women (and any who support them)… Continue reading Stand against Harassment and Abuse and Death Threats Please

Let Us Go Write! – Choosing a genre

As much as we’d probably not like to admit it, our works will get categorized into genres. Often times people will seek out books of certain genres because that’s what they like. People expect certain experiences from the genres they like, and they choose that genre because it promises to provide their expected experience. When… Continue reading Let Us Go Write! – Choosing a genre

Banned Books Week: Reflections

Inspired by the Banned Books Blog Party hosted by Hannah Givens. Reflections It would probably take me quite some time to go over every book that heavily influenced me over the years, especially those that appear on numerous banned book lists. Instead, I’ll finish off this week with a reflection. The most common theme for… Continue reading Banned Books Week: Reflections

Banned Books Week: Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Inspired by the Banned Books Blog Party hosted by Hannah Givens over at Things Matter. Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson I don’t remember exactly when I picked up this book. I’d put it anywhere between senior year of high school and second year of college. I was reading a lot of young adult novels back… Continue reading Banned Books Week: Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson