Contemplation on Hope


created by A. A. Zingler

created by A. A. Zingler

In a volatile world that rips and throbs
with oppressive practices, tying us all
into tangled amalgamates of despair,
we toss a rock into the pool of hope,
the ripples pushing outward and molecules —
bumping and pulling against one another —
destabilizes the roots of harmful systems.

Each of us a converging stream
tangled together in this dance of life–
some slice the bones and spill forth
the life-blood of the cosmos in a bid
to absorb the offal lies from greed’s
insatiable desire to devour all
the ruling class deems as lesser,
but the heart of the world bleeds
and cries for justice, a vivid reminder–
that as intertwined as we are,
we often fail to see the humanity
binding us all into one.

Thus, our threads of destiny surge and howl
with the desperation of hope reclaimed.
These necrotic systems built to control
and devour will someday melt down
into the refulgent springs of rebirth.

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1 comment

  1. I am hopeful any rebirth comes in like a lamb with no earth withering devices.



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