Two More Poems

I haven’t had the heart to write much yet, other than poetry. Here are two poems I wrote recently while taking a brain break at work.


Scattered enriched guts splattered across the skies,
Bubbling froth, seething energy permeating space-time
Wisp of a second, our existence overlooked
by the violent magnitude of a 13.7 billion year old.

Pulses of neuron saturates our grey blob
within our hard skulls and bipedal bodies.
Here our consciousness invokes a desperation
To experience all that is and all that will be.

Intrepid explorers, we stumble into the black vastness
of a giant, violent ocean –thundering hurricanes,
with the strength to tear us out of existence,
yet we swim on, tumbling, trying, and hoping.

Heart of Nowhere

Forest to my back
Mountains before me.
I stand on the edge of everything.
Past, present, future
all converging —
to where I exist
in this heart of nowhere.

My feet stamp a pattern
in the grass and snow.
My hands weave the air
in braids that flow —
Energy laced, sweet to taste
in this heart of nowhere.

A figure stands in shadows —
eyes reflect moonlight,
faint ripples in their form,
tickling my sight.
Toward each other we step
in this heart of nowhere.

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